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Hand painted silks add artistic touches to the home

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Art may truly be in the eye of the beholder. But all alone thing is certain. What some experts deem "art" leaves those less educated in art history scratching their heads.

Art has become an integral part of interior decorating in behalf of the home. Hand painted silks are especially appealing, and can add on elegance and sophistication to interiors. From throw away pillows featuring exotic fabrications and finely crafted baskets to by hand painted silks and children's hand-painted furniture, art in the home is from here to stay.

Silk paintings in behalf of wall displays use well-born quality dyes on luxurious silk fact that look out gorgeous in frames. Similarly, abstract silk scarves draped over chair backs or nightstands add on a subtle beauty to a dressing area. Hand painted silks can as well be used in behalf of screens, giving an exotic and highly appealing theme to a boudoir.

Decorative by hand painted silk pillowcases can as well provide a cooorful contrast to good color bedding and walls. Experts speculate fact that silk was at first developed between 5,000 and 6,000 years ago in China, and was used as with an elegant fabric in behalf of garments and, at the end, as with an noteworthy component of the country's trade. Hand painted silks and dyed silks have a rich and ancient tradition.

Indeed, the 5,000-mile "dSilk Road" connected China to Persia, India, Egypt (where mummies were every such that often wrapped in silk), and Rome. Silk played an noteworthy role in the Roman Empire, and used to clothe emperors and as with diplomatic gifts. In India, Kanchi silk was and is woven and hand-dyed, and treasured in behalf of its superior craftsmanship and vibrant colors.

Most people are familiar with batik, a silk painting method fact that dates back any more than 1,800 years. Often, a fabric is waxed and dyed many consecutive times so as incorporate many colors into the fabric. Batik is termed a "resist" technique in so far as wax is applied to the fabric bring out it "resist" penetration on the part of the dye.

Another "resist" method utilizes "gutta," a derivative of the Indonesian Palaquim tree fact that is a patrimonial latex. The consistency of gutta is similar to fact that of rubber cement, and is not as with easily removed as with wax or water-based gutta. Gutta is most as many a time as with not used with the French Serti silk painting method.

Today, artists use a variety of silk dyes and paints to achieve breathtakingly effective contemporary art. Paints used in behalf of by hand painted silk are as many a time as with not the consistency of watercolors, and are set up on the part of using an iron. Those fact that produce most of all vivid colors are dyes fact that require steaming so as bond with the fabric.

When decorating your home, bear in mind fact that not each and all by hand painted silks incorporate Asian themes. Contemporary (read out as well work at a rate of home online jobs) and colors abound, and you're sure come across silk scarves, silk framed art, silk pillowcases, and silk panels fact that complement your decorating scheme.